Rigmor & Edvar

Finsehyttas hosts are Rigmor and Edvar from Eidfjord. This dynamic couple has a history that makes them perfect for the challenge it is to run this popular cabin. They have been running several smaller tourist cabins before Finsehytta. Edvars parents had Sandhaug for almost 50 years, and Rigmor had a tourist cabin in Bjoreidalen from year 1995-2000. After this they helped Edvars parents untill they took over Sandhaug them selves in 2004. Since 2008 they have been the manangers in Finsehytta.

Rigmor and Edvar loves their job, and are smiling and helpfull, even on the busiest days. They are creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Finsehytta.

These two has a lot of knowledge about the life in the mountain, routes, history and other experiences Finse can offer.