Winter Season 2019: 3rd of March to 12th of May  
Skarverennet  26-28th of April: Reservations only

Finsehytta is a magnificent starting point for hikes going both southwards Hardangervidda, or further into beautifull Skarvheimen. The cabin is nicely located between  Hardangerjøkulen and Hallingskarvet. With the train stopping almost at our door, Finse is the place where you can enjoy cross country skiing almost to the end of May. In summertime you can enjoy trips on Rallarvegen, guided tours on the glacier, and hike from cabin to cabin. Finse is also an excellent base for daytrips in the areas near by. 

Important information about the route to Geiterygghytta

The route between Sandalsvatnet through Kyrkjedøri to Geiterygghytta has not been waymarked, as there is to litle snow for the sticks. If you are going from Finse to Geiterygghytta, you need to go via Omnsbreen instead. This route is waymarked.

Winter 2019!

Welcome to Finsehytta! Season starts at 3rd of March 2019. Enjoy skiing, relaxing and spectaculare nature in the Norwegian mountains. For reservations, send an email to: finsehytta@dntoslo.no 

Winter season 2019 is from 3rdof March to 12th of May(See more details about opening dates here). Finse is covered with snow, and a perfect place to enjoy outdoor winter activities, or sit inside the warm cabin, and enjoy waffles and hot chockolate with a spectacular view to the glacier and surrounding mountains. For more information click here


Summer season 2019 is from 30th of June to 22nd of September. Finsehytta can be used as a base for daytrips in the area, or as a part of a cabin to cabin hike. You can attend guided tours to the glacier, go biking on the historical Rallarvegen, and take a swim in the refreshing (cold) lake.  For more information click here

Do you have any questions?

We made a list with the most common questions asked. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us by e-mail: finsehytta@dntoslo.no

To Finse by Train

Finse is located along the railroad between Bergen and Oslo. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the train station to Finsehytta. It is not possible to drive by car or bus. If you are travelling by car you can park your car in Geilo (coming from east) or Voss (coming from west). The train station in Finse is not staffed, so you must buy train tickets online or onboard the train.


In summer season you can experience the amazing views anlong the road build longside the railroad in the beginning of the 1900s. You can rent bikes at Finse 1222 or Haugastøl Bike Rent. Read more about the route here.   Info folder for printing you can find here.

17th of May

In Finse we have a special celebration of the Norwegian independence day. National dresses (bunad), good food, good mood, and a big group of people skiing to the top of the glacier. 16-19th of May we have open for reservation. This weekend it is reservations only. For more information about this event, please contact us at finsehytta@dntoslo.no


The history of Finse is closely connected to the railroad and Rallarvegen. In summer season the Rallar-Museum is open for those who wish to learn more. A short summary of the history of Finsehytta and Finse you can find here

Finseblues - Music festival

Welcome to Finseblues! Enjoy blues music, good company and fun at Finsehytta 28-30.06 2019. More information will come later. Reservations only.

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